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Vicious Mockery - Limited DeathSave D20

Vicious Mockery - Limited DeathSave D20

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23mm DeathSave D20, which is slightly larger than my standard D20s.

Translucent Purple base, yellow skulls, and light blue hearts. The crits are outlined to let you know if it gets really really bad, or really really good. It's like a coin flip, but looks cooler.


Most of my items are unique, and limited in their own way, but there is the possibility to make those again at some point. Once these are gone, they are gone. I will not make them again like this. 

Image used to show what the end-result will be. Not actual image of final product. It will be polished prior to shipment. Because these are handcrafted dice, possible micro-flaws, minor imperfections, and/or slight color differences may occur during the creation process. Micro-bubbles may be present between Blank and shell. This, in no way, will effect dice rolls. Each set is checked to the best of my ability before shipping.

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