• The Cursed Dice Archives

    Behold the Dice that have held the title of "The Cursed", and sold under that name.

    Current "Cursed" Set 
  • 2021

    These were given away in 2021.

    I was still a new Dicemaker at the time, and these ended up looking like toothpaste

    Still being in the Christams spirit, I added silver and gold to resemble Ornaments.

  • Ornament Dice Gold
  • Ornament Dice Silver
  • pepperminty, meaty set of 6 D6 dice inked in matte black.
  • 2022

    These were made in the hopes to give away, but ultimately look like Wagyu.

    The initial thought was Peppermint, hence both names being part of these sets.



  • 2023

    This year, I stepped up the game a bit, and made them less sweater-y.

    I liked the looks of both Holiday sets.

    Winters Kiss was in the TabletopCreatorHub Advent Calendar, and there were the Gingerbread sets (7pc Pictured).

  • Dark setting. Matte Ice Blue shelled, UV glow White Sphere Core Dice set
  • Set of 6 D6 Dice with Skulls inside.

    Skull D6s

  • Gallery of Dice

    This section shows the dice that I have made, and if they made the shop or not.

    Some are customs for people as gifts.

  • Hellfire Club Themed Stranger Things Dice

    Simple Black Dice, Red ink

  • Custom Printed Combs in Honey-colored Dice.

  • Same Honey Dice, inking changed.

  • Shadow Dawn Dice

    Shadow Dawn Dice. One of my First made sets.

  • Chonk D20 Dice Commission for a TTRPG Group - Custom 20-face Logo

  • RavenClaw colors D6 Set for G.

  • Pickle Dice

    Pickle Dice

  • Synthwave Glowy

  • Purple Silver w/Gold D6s

    School Colors D6 Set for a family member.

  • Frosty and UV glowy

  • Gastly Chonk 35mm

  • Ghost with the Most

  • Bloodmyst Gem Chonk 35mm

  • Pixel Dice set Commission with the 'Neon Lights' inlay blank.

  • "Big Boi" 20mm D6 Set Commission

  • Font Work

    Aside from the few Fonts I note, I make my own fonts.

    The dice to the right, have a Font I worked on so the Dicemaker could make them into dice (with permission of the font creator).

  • Death Save D20 Masters (DSD20)

  • Lots of Testing.

    I test quite a bit before I make things. Some of them may not see the light of day, but I still take pictures.

  • The actual first set I printed that was my own font/model.

  • Shell Masters for D6 Blanks

  • Early Borderlands Blank Prototype

  • 'Neon Lights' Inlay Blanks

  • SphereCore Model

  • SphereCore Test in a D4

  • 3D Printed mini skulls for inclusions in dice. Painted to look like skulls

    Size of the 3D printed Skull Inclusions

  • SphereCore Test - Success

  • SphereCore Test - Glowy

  • Dice cage necklaces.

    Dice Cage Necklace Test

  • 3D printed mini pickles as dice inserts, painted to look like pickles.

    3D Printed, Painted, Pickle Inclusions

  • Almost 2 inich wide D20 Dice next to a standard size orange D20

    I think this was 35mm Chonk

  • Jumbo Dice masters of D20s and D30s

    D30 and D20 (35mm) Chonks