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The Pickle Jar

The Pickle Jar

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6-19-2024 note* I will be making a couple more sets of these soon. The first set of pickle inclusions was a bit too big. The next inclusions I printed were too small. I founf a happy medium, and will print those soon. There will be an updaated font, and possible style (If it looks good in the spheres. Thank you for your patience.

7 piece set of sharp edged of pickle juice colored inserts surrounded by a Clear Shell, inked in a Silvery-White and Blue Crits. Painted resin Pickles inside.

Because these are handcrafted dice, possible micro-flaws, minor imperfections, and/or slight color differences may occur during the creation process. Micro-bubbles may be present between Blank and shell. This, in no way, will effect dice rolls. Each set is checked to the best of my ability before shipping.

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