Claptrap and Psycho Dice

Newest Dice Update

It was fun working on my Borderlands themed dice, putting them on TikTok, then on the store.

It's cool to see the interest in them. It started off thinking it would be cool to have the dice from Dragon Keep, but didn't have the means until I became a Dice Maker. Now, I'm making them for others to enjoy.

So as they become available in Waves, I will make more as well as some new ones. Ya'll seem to like the Psycho ones so they'll be made each wave. I may do a pre-order of them and work on that, but like how im currently doing them. Below, is an almost road map of what to expect (Murphy's Law, permitting):

First wave (SOLD): Psycho, FireHawk, Argyle, and Eridium.

Second wave (week or two from this post):ClapTrap, Moxxi, ButtStalion, Psycho, and hopefully Tina.

Third wave (July): Eriduim (recolor), Psycho, Tina (if not wave 2), couple more of the favorites, and some I have to test before I name what's what. I have my list.

Somewhere in there, is another Arglye set.

I don't want to say what I'm making too far ahead in the case that something doesn't work out. Sometimes the road traveled, is under construction and you have to go a different direction to get back. That's what blog posts are for, amirite?

I am also working on a jumbo D20; still working out the size. I have a Chonk D20 master that I am not sure I want to make right now.

Any other progress, you can see on either TikTok, Insta, Twitter, or YT. Thanks!!!

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