Into the New Year

First of all, I would like to thank anyone and everyone who has supported me in the last few years. 2023 was awesome. Learned that doing markets/Cons is fun. 

Logo for the 10th annual Northwest Indiana Comic Con

We will be at the 10th annual NWI Comic-Con on Feb 10th (mark your calendars). After that, I want to sign up for more events, but I didn't last year as the sales tax in different states made me double think everyting. I will talk to my Tax professional to get a better insight so I feel more confident going forward.


I've updated the site's look recently, as it follows my path of UV and Glow. I will work on getting some new stickers made when the old ones run out. I like making things that look good, and things that also look good with the added glow. Like, you can use them, but throw that UV light on it, and you're like 'whoa!'


The DeathSave D20 - "It's like a coin flip, but 18 more sides."

I had been working on these for a bit. Printing, sanding, changing/fixing, printing again, sanding, molding, fails, clean, successful mold, and now pouring. I have one more to make out the started pre-order phase. Once out of the pre-order phase (sending in order as they are done), the sale will be over. This doesn't change that there are only going to be 6 made. They stay limited regardless of pre-order. Just giving a chance to get ahold of them before the are released, at a lower price, and sent as they are finished.

I will do other limited DSD20s in the future, but after 'Vicious Mockery', I will make regular ones. Maybe not the Red one in the color scheme I teased, but definitely the White one.

I get it, most of my dice are unique, but the difference in the limited Dice is that once they are gone, they are gone. I won't make them again. My non-limited dice always have the possibility to be made again. I will hold myself to this. I won't make any special cases or custom orders for any either. I have my 0, then the ones made. May make a chase variant in the future, but it's unlikely. when the 6 are done and gone, they are done and gone. 


Twitch logo

Twitch - After 2 years away, I am ready to come back to streaming. Thank you to those that pushed me to 1k on TikTok & I can do lives there, but I've been on Twitch for 10+ years. I have setup my setup to bring My Dicemaking/Crafting to Twitch. 


Thanks for the read, I am working on getting out there more, so if you like what you see, or know someone that would, tell them. Help get me out there. And as always < 3 your faces.


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