Complete set of Psycho Themed Borderlands Inspired Dice

2023 - A Blog Update.

So, hey. It's me again. I'm still bad at keeping up with Blogs. I really focus more on doing the work, not really writing about it, and I should. I make TikToks and Reels, which is quicker/easier, but it is not the same as writing about it. The shop has been open a year!!! Crazy, right?

Since my last post, I have finished the waves of Borderlands style Dice, and have started some new ones as the weather starts to get warmer. I just made a YouTube Video on my making the Psycho Dice. I have a few new themes I will be working on, as well as making one or two of the older ones again.

Shot of Amber Glass Style Dice

I have created a new collection I calling my SphereCore collection, which yields the effect I've wanted in the clear sets since I started making Dice. This enabled me to go further and make sets like my Amber Glass set.

 Booth at the NWI Comic Con

The Booth at the Comic Con was Awesome, and I will be attempting to book more shows in the future. If not, I will try to get into next years NWI Comic Con. It was awesome seeing all the other Booths and meeting all the people that came by to talk about DnD and Dice. 

Dice Cage Neckalces

To end this Blog post, I have more in store, including more Videos in the works so check out the YouTube page for more of that. Thanks for the Read and have a great day.


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